I. The Waiting…

They’ve plasticized you
Etherized your brain
The pain of steel
Controls your every feeling
You gaze upon the ceiling
Sterile white and muted green
Surround you kaleidoscopically.

You sleep—you sleep
The medical ambrosia slithers
Steadily silently
It seeps through every tired vein
The pain—you think—the pain
All stops (a click-a push)
The rhythm drones again.

How can you learn to love again?
They’ve mechanized your every move
But still i see the pulsing lines of flesh
The tired eyes those steel-stained hands
That strained to make that lifedream work
I want to cry but only smile
And think that I might love you.

II. The Unveiling…

I see you now
All tampered white
And placed upon
The linen of your life
Your wife the worn and weepy one
Impatient while you sleep
Hovers like an innocent bird of pray.

We stare—-we stare
We check to see if all is working
Perfectly properly
Disliking silence we being to speak
I’m weak—-you think—-I’m weak
The voices fade
The cadence of our footsteps dies away.

III. The Aftermath…

You talk today
And all you eat is ice
The price of staying human
Is the whole of self-reliance
We marvel at the miracles of science
That undid the wrong and
Put you back together—-systematically.

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